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Whats on this month
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11th Golden Eye Awards 21 October 2009The UTS Golden Eye Awards 2009 will be held this year on the night of Wednesday 21st of October. This multi award winning and prize-giving event is a festival celebrating some of the best work from Media Arts and Production students in the past two years. Fantastic prizes which will contribute to the continued creative production of the students are awarded to the winners. This will be the 11th time we have held this biennial event in the past 20 years.

Kevina-Jo Smith
The past month was about windows for me..

1st for Mrs. Press Dressing Room in Darlinghurst.
I used fabric scraps from her most current collection to create a little world in the window.
Photography Cara Stricker....a body of water with water reeds and water birds for the pieces from the collection to float above.
2nd for Belinda MLC in the city, with the Dries Van Noten Fall 2009 collection.
Photography Cara Stricker
Thank-you to Christopher Samuel and Grant Keats from Studio 5 Yeah Yeah!!! for helping me with photography and graphic design. Chris photographed pieces I chose with bold prints from the collection and Grant helped me compile everything ready for the printer.

Both were extremely hard to photograph due to serious reflection issues and lack of time... but thank-you to Cara for following me around with her camera.

Cara Stricker

I WISHED so hard that if i held my eye lids closed for long enough, that i would just click my heels and end up at new york fashion week.

and then i woke up.. and HERE are the shots from backstage, front house, and every upsidedown.

P.S. Dark Side of the Sunny Moon, has been selected as is part of the official selection for the Golden Eye Awards, opening on the 21st Oct.

Trischelle Roberts
Vivian Huynh

No Art have been running wild over the last month, with more shows and a recording for ABC radio.

First up, the show at MUM. Ghoul were amazing as always, and In The Dollhouse get a special mention for their breed of discontent. This photo shows you nothing, but at least our dream-web and gear look pretty sitting alongside the silver kit.

Even Books #10 was a whole different kettle of fish. Thanks to Angela for having us - we loved every second of it.
More stunning images of the evening from Will Reichelt.

Supper Club with Jack Cowell and the Owls:
Again, this photo is not indicative, but we liked the velvet curtain.

Our recording at ABC is still a little bit of a secret, sorry. Here's some behind-the-scenes shots to tide you over until we break the news.
September involves New York, a small Irish village and London-town adventures for Vivian; while Trish and Charles will journey forward right here. We're also introducing some art into Uncharted, so vote if you like it.

Yeah Yeah

Ben, Grant & Chris in Melbourne..


Benja Harney

Just three images from me in Studio 7 this month.
Firstly some sneak peak images of my upcoming Incu show. Incu are redesigning their store in Paddington and having a new Topman shop above all the way from London!! whoo!!
They have asked me to install some of my paper art in the new store, so I am working with an Best of British theme. Below is a British Post Box and the Crown Jewels. Big Ben, HIgh Tea and Baked beans to come! Stay tuned =)

Also a small snap of 5 paper cities that I made for a Harpers Bazaar jewellery shoot which was fun....
Tight deadline as always, but I love these little jobs you do that are quick and enjoyable.
Can you name the cities?

That red dust storm got everywhere through me paper stuff which is a bit of a bummer...
Im currently working on some paper wings for an upcoming installation... Exciting!
See you there

'Sascha's magic faraway tree suprise 21st'

Goodbye and goodluck to Amelia, she is leaving BJB for a writers residency in Japan and Goodbye and Goodluck to Helen, who has just moved into a new extremely inspiring apartment. We will miss you both. xx.


Shuffle: To move people or things around so as to occupy different positions or be in a different order..

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