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Everyone Thinks its Spring

Whats on this month
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In The Studios
STUDIO 1Kevina-Jo Smith
Thank-You to everyone that came to my opening at Black and Blue Gallery last month (especially those who braved the stairs AGAIN after the fire brigade left???)
I was late, missed all the drama, and unfortunately most people who came. Special thank-you to Emma, Sean and Oni-Ray who travelled from Melbourne. And the ever supportive crew from BJB. And Daniel.

Thank-you to Christopher Samuel, who i enlisted to document the exhibition.. here is a snippet..
Photography by Christopher Samuel

Christopher Samuel also shot the costumes. Thank-you to Lucinda Schreiber and Grace Atkinson who modeled superbly for me. And Thank-you to Desiree for coming along after a hard day at work to do hair and make-up for the shoot.
Photography by Christopher Samuel

I took this photo on my iphone whilst building a fabric and paper garden in a shop window... very romantic in the end.Also... i just had to share this photo of Milly scoffing down herbs that Daniel grew at home. Supercute!!!

Cara Stricker
Off amongst a month of dream like fantasies.

It begun with a shoot with Bridezilla.... an open ended plan to visit 'everything'
(click to enlarge)
you'll be seeing more of this collection to come in dear time.

Working on a couple of exhibitions in the following month which will trail all things eyed... as well as an acid warped fashion ad.....

Ive spent most of my real time skipping around all weekend at Splendour in the Grass, busting out pixi reincarnated feathered headpieces, spotting their family of Warflower friends around the festival. NOW preparing the freedom venture to New York and PANAMA for a month, jetting off in a week.
(Below: The Flaming Lips)
I have also just begun shooting for KLUSTER MAGAZINE, so the documentation of festival fantasia shall triple over the next couple months.

The beginning of many new ventures, comes my new curation of short films screened fortnightly, before a feature, at the Darlo Bar on Tuesday nights.... This starts on 11th August, so make sure you come down and check it out. Send along your application or inquiry for the night to moi,

Lastly but not least, Dark Side of the Sunny Moon, has chosen to be part of:

- Sydney Internation Animation Festival, where i will also be exhibiting a collection of work for 3 weeks of September in conjunction with a screening of the film

as well as.

- FLEXIFF 2009 Film Festival, in the catagory Best Short Film Award, chosen from 300 films from 40 countries. The Festival will screen during September 25, 26, 27


STUDIO 3Trischelle Roberts
Pilgrimage to the lighthouse/sun.
Holding Lost Valentinos coins to the light...
And burying the treasure for others to find (hopefully before the tide rises again).
More No Art shows again this month, (top)

So its been yet another busy month in the YEAH YEAH Studio.. Even the promise of sunshine outside cant tame the boys!

YEAH YEAH will be on the road shortly, hitting Melbourne to find the best bagels, coffee and tram rides to accompany the search for ideas, peeps and creative juice. If your around and fancy a meet up for like minded activities, email us

YEAH YEAH is currently throwing open its door casting for an upcoming project. If your interested in fame, money, travel and late nights, social & spacial awareness, the impact of the media in your life, then we want YOU. All these things plus your wildest dreams could come true simply by being a part of the beautiful life that is.. YEAH YEAH...

Theres been a little bit-o-talk recently about finding oursleves an intern/office junior/mac rat/rad dude/dudet to help out around the studio, on our projects and shoots.

So, if you are in possession of digital skills, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Web Design etc, or if your in possession of a passion for learning, have patience and perserverance, then, we would like to hear from you. The lucky candidate will receive fame, money, travel and late nights, social & spacial awareness, and amongst all else, a limited edition YEAH YEAH pyjama and coffee mug set, courtesy of the artist.

Christopher Samuel

Christopher has busy preparing his entry into SOYA this week, its going to be tight deadline wise, though the big edit job has begun...

Hes also just finished up a week of on set digital production for an upcoming TVC, directed by Prodigy Films's Dael Oates & Peter Eastgate DOP. Keep your eyes peeled for something beautiful to hit the screens shortly.

Mr Samuel has also recently completed a photograph for a Sydney Project thats in progress at the moment. Unfortuneatley details are kinda secret, though youll be sure to find out when the time is right.. You have been warned!

Lastly, in conjunction with Groupie Magazine, Chris is a part Mentor/part Judge of the Olympus Pen Camera competition. Check out the details here.

Benjamin Tuffy

The past 4-6 weeks has been quite simply, fun. Though it has been sad not being around the office of BJB full time, it’s been rad catching up with old colleagues and friends and in many ways reliving my youth, here’s how the super tour through June and July has played out…

Through most of June and into the early weeks of July, I was remembering the golden times of early morning fruit loop cereal sessions in front of the TV set for a another dose for Agros cartoon connection, these and many other childhood memories alike being triggered as I Art Directed the launch of a Mr. Men, Little Miss Magazine for the ABC. The first one of it’s kind over it’s 30 year history, set to hit the shelves on the 18th August, the publication has been been a huge success in its development. It has been an honor to be working with Roger Hardgrave’s original work, characters and vision.

The next step down memory lane had my mind jumping tree’s and trails mountain biking through the national park in the south of Sydney in my teenage year’s, as I designed pages for the absent Art director on Australian Mountain Bike Magazine. This was somewhat more nostalgic considering AMB was where my time in publishing design began many years ago.

Full steam into July, I spent the month re-living my late teens and early twenties again, with the lads on Australia’s leading men’s magazine, ZOO Weekly. Ticking all the boxes in a blokes ‘ideal’ world, that magazine has it all, and you just wouldn’t believe what people are sending into magazines these day! Back again this week I’ll be finding myself over at ACP for a week pulling a few features together on Rolling Stone Magazine for the MIA Art Director that’s yet to find his way back from Splendor in the Grass.

Through August I’ll be working on a SuperX program for the up coming Australian SuperX series and then heading to Vietnam and Bali for a bit of văn hóa, thức ăn và uống rượu for the month of September.

Grant Keats
On the Retouching front, the last month has seen work come through the studio for fashion mag Elle, a catalogue for a hugenormous scandinavian clothing label RiccoVero, and I also helped out the one and only Ben Tuffy of Studio 5 Yeah Yeah fame with the ever impresisonable Mr Men magazine.

I have been spending some late nights and quality ink time with our spectacular poster printer. Canvas prints have been the flavour of the month, and we can now stretch, staple and varnish these things like you wouldn't believe.
We also produced some gorgeous A0 size prints for the lovely Elke Kramer and some other glorious prints that no doubt are being admired by zillions all over the globe.

And finally I have tracked down a product that I have been searching for years on end, I cant say much about it though stay excited because it will in all its glory change the world as we know it and form a creative wonderland for all to play!

STUDIO 6Greedy Hen
Greedy Hen have just finished some artwork for a Washington record. It's Meg Washington being a lion.If you're up Brisbane way, Greedy Hen are having an art exhibition with Dylan Martorell and Nathan Gray titled "cloudy muddy messy mucky crystal clear", at Metro Art from August 18th – September 8th 2009.
Also in August you can check out some of our hairy man chests painted onto a set of limited edition crockery at The Power House Museum for Design Week.
But the thing we're most excited about are some total sights for sore eyes music video clips we're currently making for bands The Middle East and Washington, coming out in a matter of months.

Elke Kramer

For this new collection elke has picked up new world renowned stockists Colette in Paris and Opening Ceremony stores in New York, LA and japan..... very exciting!

This is a sneak peak of some of the styles, which australia will be seeing later in the year in new and summery colours for delivery in september 09 for our summer season
Elke has also been working on a project for the POWERHOUSE MUSEUM Eat Green Design (EGD) which is part of design week.

This was a project that involved various young artist's who had to design and assemble their own unique dinner set.
pictures are below of the work in progress, where decals had to be placed onto the dinner sets and then would be sent for firing which would then reveal the true colour of the design.
STUDIO 7Benja Harney
Well i havent been round much of late.
i seem to find working at the studio in winter a challenge!

Here is some images of the paper food i made for women's health magazine _august issue.
it all turned out really well - it was something new for me - to create those shaped volumes out of paper - and i learnt a bit more about constructing with it after i had finished this.
chocolate was probably most fiddly to make and i like baked beans and sardines, steak and cheese the best.

inside out featured me on their blog which was kool.

i also joined this interesting online community behance which is a creative network of images and design
there is some incredible work on showcase here - so much talent and inspiration out there on the interweb.
here is the site
and me!
and check this russian paper art out!
it's totally hot

i found this blog too - it had me hooked!
everyone should check it out - there are some poetic images on this site with no words.
some chap in quebec i think, who seems to have a interesting grab on the current design aesthetic that is seeping into everyones work

see you round soon!

Lucinda Schreiber
Following on from its previous successes, "Autumn Story", the Firekites music video co-directed by Lucinda Schreiber and Yanni Kronenberg recently screened at the prestigious annual TED conference in Oxford.
It will also be screening online for the month of August as part of the fourth annual "Portable Film Festival". You can watch the festival here:
And vote for it here:
"Autumn Story" is also eligible for the 2009 IF awards. Please log on to and rate the video... seriously we will love you forever!

In other news, "The Goat That Ate Time", a short film written, directed, animated and produced by Lucinda Schreiber will be screening at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC this fall. If you are not able to make that screening it will also be playing closer to home at the Darlo Bar (306 Liverpool Street, Darlingurst) on Tuesday, 25th August as a short before "Coming to America".

Kate Jinx
I've been keeping Helen's desk warm in Studio 8 this month, carving out a little space from which I haven't had much chance to move from. I spent July in a little haze of deadlines and coffee runs and coffee meetings (Single Origin is so close!).

Working right now on the new identity for Sound Summit, a music conference and performance festival that sits within the This Is Not Art umbrella. I'm really looking forward to it, some amazing bands both local and international are involved such as Ducktails and the Vivian Girls. The panels organised so far are looking mighty interesting too. An exciting project to take on, and an opportunity to work with people who really care about fostering local talent.

I've also taken some work doing graphic projects for a children's interior designer, erecting a tree out of vintage wallpaper and putting together some personalised wall hangings for their harbour home (no, no, not jealous at all!). And when I'm not making images, I'm writing all the live-long day, working on a big new publishing project which must remain a secret for now but let's just say it involves revisiting many of my favourite films...



BIG Thanks from the Juggers xxxxxx


Splendour: Mushrooms, Acid, Rainbows, Tee-Pees, Mud, Red, Love, Flying, Sunshine, Woodstock, Nude, Hairy, Smiles, Blur, Fish Mongers, Poncho.

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