Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swinging around the Maypole

Whats on this month
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In The StudiosSTUDIO 1Kevina-Jo SmithThe Canopy is growing.....
slow down May.

Cara StrickerFast clicks of a camera squashed into a website, squished into headpieces

For the best part of this year, 3 things have played ring-a-rosy around my brain,
A mixed media exhibition involving jewelery fabricating out of a wolf falling into a puddle turning into a boy stuck on the moon film.
Turn ideas into flash into a world that you can click about.
Moments caught in photographs.

The exhibition is here, WALLFLOWER by WARFLOWER on the 28th MAY at BJB studios. Bridezilla are performing on the night, wearing customised headpieces, with new material from their upcoming album. A soiree of song singing angels...... They will play amongst the inside of a fantasy driven world with 50 unique headpieces exhibited.

The WEBSITE has finally launched at, where you can see each individual piece in the range.

AND moment filled photographs of mayhem from fashion week here


Trischelle Roberts & Vivian Huynh

Grant Keats

Here are some images I've retouched for Garnier, Morten Qvale Photography, and a few new logo designs for local clients. 

STUDIO 9Firekites - AUTUMN STORY - Chalk animated music video directed by Lucinda Schreiber and Yanni Kronenberg.
Taking 6 months from start to finish the Firekites music video shot in Studio 9 for the single ‘Autumn Story’ was finally completed and launched at BJB last Tuesday. Co-directed by Yanni Kronenberg and Studio 8 resident Lucinda Schreiber the project comprises of close to 2000 individual chalk images that were shot using the stills function of an HD video camera. Aside from being blogged by Creative Review and Kanye West in the same day it was recently made ‘Indie Clip of the Week’ on Rage and will screen next month at St Kilda Film Festival.

BJB wants to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to Kate Mitchell from studio 6... earlier this month she graduated. She now has her Masters in Fine Arts. amazing.


Time Travel: When one assumes it is one date when in fact it is another. The week may disappear and one may find oneself half way through the year.

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